Our Tradition

Let us enjoy these rich blends of herbs and spices conscientiously sourced from every corner of the planet and offered to us as an aid on our journey to wellness! Herbs are our teachers; Our guides; Our friends. From as early as 16th century BC, from the tombs of the noblest Pharaohs, and inscribed in the scrolls of antiquity, herbs have been our most loyal and unwavering companions. They each possess a unique and intuitive energetic imprint that graciously resonates far beyond their cellular structure to interact and amplify the physiology of every sentient being. Blessed we are from the moment we hold a batch of finely curated Apothekary Teas. As our health improves, so do our lives. To that we say Cheers! To a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

Our Founder

Abhayam Kalu is a first generation born American to West African immigrants. As far as he can remember, culture and tradition has always fascinated him. From his early days of spending summers in the family village in Nigeria and engaging in various traditional ceremonies with elders, to his travels and studies abroad with various indiginous groups around the world, he noticed how most cultures were connected to a natural healing tradition. A healing arts tradition that seemed to be a cultural bedrock that shaped the growth and progress of their society. The healing potential that lay hidden in a seemingly useless weed humbled him. His teachers taught him that there can be no culture without agriculture. With this wisdom he made it his mission to study world healing arts systems by working closely with indigenous cultural groups, healers, and wisdom keepers in search of corresponding philosophies and cultural practices. In 2012 The Apothekary was born to serve as an axis mundi of wellness and culture. The Apothekary is a health and wellness company with an aim to empower every being to take health into their hands. The aim is to increase the accessibility of the most effective herbal teas and therapeutics from across the land and sea for your optimal wellbeing.